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Game spiking all the time since update

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Ever since the last update a few days back this game freezes or lags/spikes. Its frustrating being in the middle of things and the action tab locks up on finishing (whatever craft)

and it just sits there for long periods of time. you cant cancel it. You cant stop anything. someone said (well maybe your out of sync or check yadda yadda /logtime ect

or log out. thats not an error on my side.  that an error with programing. I also see people typing in how things like the April fool, or Easter event, was a waist of time and from what I experienced, it was. In the sense that now the game is locking up constantly. When things get added to these older games  people tend to forget you have to change EVERYTHING back,

in order to maintain performance. I think any one would want performance over mini creatures or eggs that dont really have anything special or worth while. So in the end just expressing

some frustrations, I get a little aggravated when p2p style games cannot maintain themselves. If we are paying for higher stats  coins, whatever it is. there needs to be accountability

and guarantee that the money is utilized in the right way I.E  keeping the servers fresh and maintained, instant resolution to issues, quality ect.  With the competition  being faced in todays online games. I think Devs need to challenge themselves in order to main a competitive edge, and at the same time not create issues for those playing due to mis-programing, bad coding  rushed changes .and the like. 

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