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Welcome Fellow Wurmian Wood Lovers!

Storefront under construction. Please excuse our dust and updates.


Please send me a PM  here (or in game @ Dalraist) OR message below to place order.

I check in several times a day and will get back to you as soon as possible to work out the details.


Happy Wurming in the meantime!



Wagoner available in Cadence.

Generally Pick Up (S12 Cadence), Mail and Wagoner Only.

*Delivery or Onsite Service - Large Orders Only


Fine Carp Imps

60 QL -> 30c

70 QL -> 50c

80 QL -> 1s

90 QL -> 2.5s

92 QL -> 5s

95 QL -> PM Dalraist to Discuss


Carp Imps

60 QL -> 10c

70 QL -> 30c

80 QL -> 50c

90 QL -> 1s

92 QL -> 2.5s

95 QL -> 5s


*Tips Always Appreciated but YOU KEEP Rare/Supreme if it IMPS UP!

**Will Discount based on your tools current QL



70+ QL -> 1c + Postage per Log

80+ QL -> 3c + Postage per Log

90+ QL -> 6c + Postage per Log

94+ QL -> 8c + Postage per Log

97+  QL -> 10c + Postage per Log

Save on Postage!!!  Get Bulk Orders via Wagoner or Pick up -> PM to Discuss


You can also PM my partner in wood (Bubtoo) for log delivery if I am not online. 💡


Bubtoo's Shoppe:

Libila's Blessings ( High End BotD Items ) - For all your Top Shelf Evil Aspirations!


Storage& Misc

Large Crate - 30c

Wagon -> 3s

Wagon w/Bison & 12 Large Crates & Speed/Size Rune(Pick Up Only) -> 8s

Other Furniture & Storage -> PM to Discuss



***WTB Rare/Supreme Materials - Planks 60c/250c, Shafts 30c/60c, Peg 15c/40c, Sprouts 10c/30c, Large Nails 60c/250c, Small Nails 40c/120c, Iron Ribbon 40c/120c, Rivets 15c/40c, Tar 20c/40c, Sand 5c/15c, Clay 20c/100c***


*Can COD items w/o asking if the following is true:

(1) 10 QL or higher

(2) Less than 20% Damage

(3) Your total COD request is no more than 6 silver.

(4) There is no strikethrough on the price.

*PM Dalraist if have questions, your items do not meet the COD requirements or have larger lots of stock 🤓


Edited by Dalraist
Updated Menu : )
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Thank you Dalraist and Bubtoo...always provides a top service.

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Can you quote me a price for 5x small wine barrels at, say 10QL minimum? :)

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Had two items improved to 95ql Very fast service and great communication! 


Thanks again!

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