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Giant forest floppa strikes back

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Giant forest floppa returned to take revenge

but was caught and trapped underground.

We must get together and fight him again.


Sunday, April 11, 1 PM EDT




Harmony, 10 minutes walking from Harmony Bay.

(A totally different place from the last time).

Information about the exact location will be posted one day prior to the slaying.

Use highway system to Zum Steinofen,

then follow two-square-wide road North almost until its end.

The one-square-wide gravel road will lead you to the peat.







Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons and hell horses.

Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying.

(Some people forgot their tents at the last slaying, by the way.)


I am hosting the slaying alone.

In case of unforeseen situations,

all changes will be posted here.









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Update location
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Not sure if I will remember, but if my village is going, I will try to be there.

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Thanks everyone for coming!!! I hope Forest Floppa is not going to pay me a visit again.) Or at least not this month...

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