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The following need new images. Please post some images here and Assistants or I can upload them and link them up. Please also suggest pages that need new images and we can add them to the list. 


Note: Feel free to take images from Wurm Unlimited or Deed Planner if not from Wurm Online.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Providing Images
You may post screenshots or cropped pictures that are needed to this thread for an Assistant to format and upload onto the wiki. You can also add them to the Discord upload pic dump channel or send us an imgur link via PM or IRC. You can always contact the Wurmpedia team if you are unsure about anything. 
Item and Creature image guidelines
* Ensure that your game settings are such that texture quality is set to maximum before taking a screenshot (as high as possible for textures and anti-aliasing).

* When (if) editing the screenshot, the resulting image should be of decent resolution, having a ratio no greater than 1.6, and cropped so that only the subject appears centered in the frame.

* They should be well-lit as to not be too dark and set against a background that helps visibility, and should not contain a mouse-over hover (blue outline). Try to use a contrasting background that isn't too busy, such as marble or stone slab or wood flooring if the item is lighter in color.

* The image should be compressed as a Jpeg (JPG) to reduce file size, but still maintain a high degree of image quality.




Images Needed:

Royal crown

Giant crab

Glass Mouth of Vynora

Gold Crown of Might

Gold Rod of Beguiling

Steel Sceptre of Ascension

Each Hell horse color (all pics of same lighting condition and size)


Crude knife

Brazier stand

Black pearl

Pic of the tile border-one highlighted and one with the shovel activated to show "tile (flat)" or a slope amount

Cedar hedge




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quick images since lazy, let me know if they need to be redone

Beguiling just has the default no image bag thing

Crown of might c8af4a745b9411d3b6d6ec931b035540.jpg

Mouth of Vynora 8a3a5fd40727f3638ed60aa57921a116.png

Sceptre of Ascension 21d2eef86958fff7cb48c08894f3b8c6.jpg

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Thank you!

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