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Armor not showing correctly on login

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When I log in, my armor does not show correctly.  I appear solid black.  If I unequip or equip anything, appearance changes and is correct.

Also, in the paper doll, the background is solid black and I cannot see where to click to bring up the wounds view.  It's been this way for a few months.  I haven't tried reinstall of game files yet.  ;)


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- screenshot it

- try to NOT do anything for 5-15minutes once you login... (does that help?)

* 'sounds' like messed up harddrive, or something corrupted on your end..

* if nobody else reports this issue.. it's local..


1 way to solve it might be to delete graphics.jar and redownload(restarting launcher),

or getting a new harddisk if you're using super old pc/hdd/ 

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