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Wurm Skins Account Locked Suggestion

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The weapon, shield, armour skins of wurm that currently exists in the Premium award store is a great addition to the game.

However the community is split between pvp and pve and in order to get the pvp community to also open their wallets and spend some monlthy subs on these skins would be to make an option that is maybe 3 times as expensive as a regular skin but make it an infinite resource for that account but only for that account. 

The problem pvp face atm is that anything you own can be lost even purchased store items, this is how it should be in pvp but there is no reason why we cant have skins and cosmetics that doesnt change the outcome of combat be one of the few things that you do keep upon death. 

Problems with this solution: if you can have an infinte supply cant you just make an endless amount of that weapon and give it out to all players on the cluster?
Yes, you can and this is where we need a clever fix if devs can give input on this. Maybe we can change how permanent skins work, instead of an item you stick to a weapon you just get all weapons of the purchased specific skin to be displayed as such only when your account is holding it. Once dropped its just a regular weapon once more.

If this could be fixed I imagine tons of players on the pvp clusters would bathe their characters in customised items. As weapons/armours/shields of all types are very commonely used on the pvp clusters constantly and currently there is a demand to distinguish pvp groups from one another.

This is how kingdom tabard works as it displays your kingdom no matter who made the tabard, maybe we could make skins work in a similiar fashion?

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