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From the depths of hell! (Thank you CM/GM team)

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So, there I was, sailing home from the latest Cadence rift, when as I attempted to cross the server I was attacked by sharks and knocked from my ship. Not wanting to drown, nor be shark bait, I attempted to get back into my ship, and boom, I was knocked back out again. Over and over this happened until I logged out. Long story short, I was stuck and teleporting. After relogging, I was able to finally pull my ship away from the server border and regain my bearings. But my trusty sailor hat was missing, as was all my other equipped gear. Starting to panic I looked all over around me in the water, but could find nothing, not even a stray fish.


To make this story even shorter, I submitted a ticket to see if my lost items could be found, then I sailed home to rest after a long hard fight at the rift. Within a few short hours I was contacted by the CM/GM team and they went to work finding my items at the bottom of the ocean (database really).


So in the end, my missing items were able to be fished out of the depths of hell and returned to me, a bit water soaked but still intact!


I know many times the CM/GM team are on the receiving end of unhappy players and often times it is the bad or complicated issues that are pointed out and see the light of day. I feel it is important to highlight the opposite as well, as often times gratitude is not shown or thanks given where it is due. So this is me saying thank you to the CM/GM team for rendering help when needed. I know this is a game, but so much of our lives are invested in what we do and who we meet in these wonderful worlds, that this experience of outstanding service and concern brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my face.


So I tip my hat to those that helped me and the rest of the team. You know who you are! Thank you for making a bad day good!



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I had a somewhat similar thing happen where my ship decided to take a holiday without me and left me at the border, treading water. I put in a ticket and pretty quickly a CM/GM found my naughty ship on the other server and teleported me to it. Saved my day and I really appreciate the timely assistance! Luckily I had not died so I didn't have anything to retrieve except for myself, but I am sure they would have helped me get that back as well.

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South west Harmony to south east Cadence?
Something similar happened to me also a couple of days a go (when the slayings took part) and there is still some gear on the bottom of that ocean.
A med rug with nice CoC that costed me 2s, my steel plate armour that was my first bought armour at 7 or 9 silverish..

People of Cadence were very kind to help me, and after a 3 or 4 hour search Thruin finally was able to find me... tears in my eyes when I saw his ship popping up!
Initially I was getting a little mad at the CM/GM for, what was in my opinion/assumption, not helping me out.
That was a wrong opinion or assumption.. CM Almostsolitude came to check on me through pm in the beginning but couldn't really do too much.
Still, he told me he would keep the ticket open and I had to let him know when everything was ok again.
Eventually he did contacted a GM and this one reached out to me also. GM Skade took it upon him to help us roam the bottom of the ocean.. but we did not succeed in finding my stuff. So eventually I told them we have been on it long enough already and call it days..

So in the first place I want to thank the people in Cadence, with in particular Thruin. So much hours spend in just looking for me.. Amazing person!
A thank you to Almostsolitude for not ignoring it, but eventually contacting the GM's in trying to help me out!
And a very special thank you to Skade because, even me being a little upset, he still took it upon him to come help us looking manually for quite some time!!!

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