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Thank you GM team

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I just wanted to say thank you to the GM team, and to Belisama in particular.


I had a bad thing happen to me, and it was partially my own fault.  The GM's went out of their way to make things right, going above and beyond what I could honestly expect and hope for.  


As such, I want to say thank you.  Your time and effort are truly appreciated.  

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You are welcome Spacy.


I would like to strongly encourage everyone to be up to date on your deed and vehicle permissions and do not be lax.  99 times out of 100 there is no chance of recovery or even assistance in such matters.

Very rarely are there mitigating circumstances that we will intervene in.   You should always understand and expect the burden of responsibility to be on your shoulders as we have given you all the tools necessary to protect your work and items.  So please make good use of those protections.


Enki (Head Game Master)

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