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Marx's Merch (Blacksmithing, Enchantments, Archeology)

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Hey guys, it's Marxismo (typo in my forum name lol). I can offer blacksmithing services or enchantments.


Just pm me here, or ingame, or message me at GreyPowerVan#1822 on discord.


Crafting (pm me for imping, can do it for less depending on starting ql)

50ql - 25c

60ql - 30c

70ql - 35c


Full set of Horseshoes

50ql - 46c

60ql - 66c

70ql - 80c


I can do low level enchanting on any tool of your choice.

CoC and WoA

54-60 cast - 45c



In-Stock items

Fire Protection Jewelry (The effectiveness is equal to ql + enchant power, so a 80ql ring with fire prot 5 is equal to a 1ql ring with fire prot 84.)


Silver Ring, 71ql FiProt 71 - 95c

Silver Ring, 71ql FiProt 72 - 95c

Silver Ring, 72ql FiProt 72 - 95c

Silver Ring, 72ql FiProt 75 - 95c

Silver Ring, 71ql FiProt 76 - 1s

Silver Ring, 71ql FiProt 91 - 1.2s


Silver Necklace, 69ql FiProt 65 - 95c

Silver Necklace, 72ql FiProt 69 - 95c

Silver Necklace, 71ql FiProt 86 - 1.1s

Silver Necklace, 73ql FiProt 82 - 1.1s




Hatchet, 1ql CoC68 - 37c

Shovel, 1ql Coc62 - 35c

Pickaxe, 1ql CoC60 - 35c




Raspberrywood - 80c



Thornwood - 14c

Lavenderwood - 14c



Thorn - 14c

Hazelnut - 14c



Grapewood - 1.6s


Arrow Shaft

Rose - 4c

Oleanderwood - 4c

Thorn - 4c



Bulk Zinc 

30ql 1k/1.1s

50ql 1k/1.3s


Bulk Iron 

creation ql 1k/1.1s



PM me for list of statue fragments

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