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Client side graphics question

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I want to replace the portion of the new ui that causes migraines for me consistently when I use it.


this would be the flashing/pulsing chat tabs. Is it bannable to find the location of that file and replace it with something that does not effect my health in a way that is literally crippling or do I just need to uninstall now that the old ui is being removed soon. and before people start trying to tell me to take it to the feedback thread. I did. several times each time after they changed the ui again and requested more feedback on it. I was not the only one requesting a check box to opt out of that element of the chat window. we effetely got a its working as intended because people no longer complained that they are not missing when chat updates as an answer. I am literally one of the people that the seizure warnings on movies and games are for that most of the rest of the world rolls their eyes at. I would appreciate not getting banned for changing this into something that will not consistently give me a migraine with in an hours play time with the new ui. it has happened every time I have not had the chat window covered by an inventory window or hot bar. while this work around works I am not paying a monthly fee to play this game without being able to interact with the multiplayer portion of mmo.

so I repeat please tell me I can change the ui graphic on the client side without getting banned. if I cant this is also information I need thank you.

things that they have implemented to the game to help people that need exceptions from various elements of the game for their health.

disable option headbob

adjustable partical effects

Phobia mode.

field of view

cave and shadow detail

these next ones are prob more for performance but also work from a visual disability stand point.

disable option for sun glare

adjustable weather effects and reflections and shadows

options to change color light/dark for visually impaired/sensitive individuals

ui scaling

font scaling

this entire section of settings

but I cant for the life of me convince them to please give me and other people a optional toggle for the pulsing tabs I cant otherwise work around.



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