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WTA Black Tome

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Auction for Black Tome of Magic!


[10:22:15] The black leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has one charge left.


  • Spell granted: Summon Skeletons (Summons a group of skeletons)
  • Spell granted: Summon Wraith (Summons a Wraith)
  • Resistance: Disease 15% (Decreases disease damage taken by 15%)
  • Weakness: Water 10% (Increases water damage taken by 10%)


Title given upon use: Necromancer (m), Witch (f)






Starting bid: 40s

Minimun increment: 1s

Private bids: no

Buyout: no

Sniper protection: 1 hour


This item will be traded personally, I can travel all coastal areas on NFI cluster's PvE server. Can also be picked up on Harmony Bay.


Happy bidding! :) 





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Congratulations Dalnacriech, you have won the auction! :) 

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