[Auction over] Food affinity pack: 138 x 2kg pizza slices (1 of every affinity)

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This is a little odd one, but I need funds for my research and expansion so here goes!


This is an auction of 138 pizza slices (one of every food affinity that exists).

Obviously, many of these affinities will end up being useless to you but you can either give friends/alliance access to them or eat them as CCFP food.


  • They give 11h affinity timer on first bite.
  • Each slice weighs 2 kg.
  • CoD will be paid by me, the seller (I will subtract enough to make it happen).
  • They will be sent via CoD in 4 backpacks (you can only fit up to 37 in each backpack). They will be sent at the cost of (winning price divided by four minus CoD cost) for each backpack.
  • The slices will come renamed as a number between 0 and 137, making sorting for you considerably easier.
  • I will make a reference sheet in form of an excel sheet with what number goes with what affinity. I will add multiple characters to help you keep it organized if you'll end up sharing it with alts/deed/friends/alliance members/what have you.
  • They come wrapped. If you prefer them unwrapped (for whatever reason?), you will unfortunately have to unwrap them yourself (via right click).



Starting bid: 5.5s (~4c per 2kg slice).

Increment (minimum): 1s.

Reserve: None. They will be sold at whatever the winning bid happens to be, even with the 1.42s mailing price and low starting bid. I'll be a bit sad if it doesn't sell for at least 15s, but eeh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Buyout: 40s (~29c per slice)

Sniper Protection: 2h

Private Bids: Not accepted.




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Thank you, surprised it went this cheap! Cannot even get a good pizza this cheap in real life!

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Incredible! This is the biggest bargain I have seen yet. The effort that went to make these pizzas is just incredible. 

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