Valrei International. Combat Overhaul

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did someone say slate forges?

im still waiting for slate forges and statues and ovens

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On 2/23/2021 at 6:04 AM, Wyndolm said:

Combat Overhaul:

What about a filter option for combat spam so that I only see messages related to me (what i dish out and what i have to take) and not BS of all other players? Aside of being able to see messages really relevant to me it would especially in Rifts prolly cut down massively in server bandwidth needs?



I see some good mileage in filter options, though as I'm not a solo-fighter most of the time, but a support unit, I do need to know what happens to players who are not me. Being able to filter combat notifications by Friends and by Team would definitely be extremely useful, for specific situations. And selecting Team-filter when you have no Team formed, could potentially give you notifications only about attacks on you, your mount, pet and led animals.


What really would be a real game-changer (and I'm expecting cries of "OP" here, because it would potentially change a lot) would be an option to see health-status in the logs next to the creature - Healthy, Wounded, Bleeding, Dying. Limit to own-Kingdom players/pets if it's truly too OP/spam-heavy without that limit.


Another mechanic that would change a LOT, would be if name-colour in local reflected degrees of range from self. If you share a Kingdom, I personally don't think it would be OP. It would be extremely powerful, for example, to be able to see, with a statuette activated, which names are within AoE spell-range. I'm sure that would make it very popular to carry Fo statuettes to Rift events, even if you're a low-skill account and not a Fo priest, to see if you're within range of a name that is casting LoF. Because trying to spot anyone specific at a Freedom Rift Event is almost impossible.


But one bit of wogic I really don't understand is, if I can hear an creature's dying scream, why I am not allowed to see, at minimum, an event message saying 'x is dead, RIP.' Not who or what killed it, or is attacking it, or where it is, just the death notification itself. Especially with starvation screams.

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On 2/25/2021 at 6:48 AM, Finnn said:

What is he having, I'd like some of the same, make it 2, 3 mugs!

What are we complaining about AH being tied to Fo priest.. why were priests begging to be untied from crafting alts and other people for simple things, why is AH ties to Fo-es, why is it so hard to have a plain 5 speed horse at high AH skill or there's that urge to stab a newborn foal if it's rare color and 5-speed but with a bad trait, why..., what.., how is he so happy with 2x 5-speed champs and others can't enjoy the system the same way. I wonder. Maybe he's missing SOMETHING, or is that us..?


I never said the system is perfect.  I am all for general bugfixes and some carefully considered minor improvements.  However, years of experience in this game have taught me to be VERY skeptical with complete overhauls.  Even a single fairly simple seeming improvement can change something from tolerable to abandoned.  For example, I used to live on the Epic cluster.


Right now I really like the animals and breeding in the game.  Could the system be better?  Of course!  I am simply worried that I may not like the system after the overhaul, and right now it is my favorite part of Wurm.  I can also see lots and lots of areas that need attention far more than the animals, so the priority confuses me.

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