Affinity timer on food using ingredients pulled out of an FSB

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When using certain ingredients from an FSB (processed ingredients), they sometimes make the affinity timer considerably shorter than expected. I found an old thread where people were experiencing similar issues.

I could resolve it for certain ingredients (herbs, spices and vegetables, meat) but there's a very specific ingredient where I cannot; Dough


Old thread reference:


A "resolved" (and working) ingredient can be pulled out of the FSB and examined, giving a creation date. Dough (at freshly created) has this too. But no matter how I try, the creation date always gets removed when I bin it.

I could (and have) resolve my veggies, herbs, spices and meats.


I could put a chopped tomato and a chopped fennel in to an empty bsb and then take them out to cook with. They worked as expected when doing this. I could not do this with dough. Dough always got messed up, no matter if the bsb I put it in was empty or not. I know that I was able to cook with a binned dough just a few days ago, but I didn't examine it to see if the creation date was there or not (I didn't know about this until now) so I don't know about that part.



Steps to reproduce:

Make 2 dough

Take 2 pieces of meat

Make some passata

Put 1 dough, 1 meat, and enough passata in a baking stone and make a pizza

Put second dough in a bin and then take it out

Make the second pizza with the binned dough.

Take a bite off of one of the pizzas and look at the affinity timer. Get a friend to take 1 bite out of the other pizza and look at the affinity timer. You can use 2 different types of meat to skip the friend part.

Make sure the ingredients are way above your HFC, so the pizzas cap by your HFC and therefore get the same ql (mine does currently) for very exact tests.





If you could also have a look at why some of the other ingredients (chopped veggies, herbs, ground spices, etc) sometimes start behaving like this while you're at it, then that'd be useful too. I'd rather not waste a bunch of ingredients making a big pizza only to find out one (or multiple) of my ingredients are messed up and then troubleshoot to figure out which one(s) if I don't have to.




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