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Sniffing Horses?

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This suggestion starts with a disclaimer:


I made this suggestion today in Freedom chat as a light hearted joke, but it has generated some interest and someone asked me if it was true.

I just want to say none of this is currently implemented in game.


Ore Sniffing Horses

The basic idea is that horses with keen senses should be able to 'sniff' ores and veins when in a mine or on the surface.


Different horse colours are able to 'sniff' different veins:


Gold horses can sniff out gold veins

Grey horses can sniff out flint

Brown horses can sniff out iron

Black horses can sniff out lead

White horses - zinc

Chestnuts - copper

Black Silver - silver veins

Ebony Blacks - slate

Gold Buckskins - sandstone

Piebalds - marble

Skewbalds - rocksalt

and so on..


When standing next to (or on a matching ore tile), the following message would appear:


[09:06:41] The aged fat SilverHunting neighs loudly.


If the Ore is 2 tiles away:


[09:06:41] The old fat IronMan whinnies softly.


If the Ore is 3 tiles away:


[09:06:41] The adolescent fat FastGold sniffs inquisitively.



This idea might also serve to regenerate horse sales - including finding a use for the older, or less popular colours


I hope this has brought you all some amusement, I just want to clear up any confusion and reiterate:

This is not implemented in game currently! xD



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it's completely silly. likely useless for anyone with decent prospecting. and likely to spam anyone riding thru a canal. i love it!

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Horses no


Pigs with a trait to sniff stuff out or even dogs and maybe your on to something.


Give us a reason to breed the best pigs and dogs :)

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