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Geriatric PvP Edition

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For anyone interested in a fresh start on a new server, the owner of the popular Geriatric WU servers has now created: Geriatric PvP Edition.


It is a 1x skill 2x action server on a challenging 2k map. The high aggressive creature count and roaming rift mobs add to the excitement as there is actual risk in travelling. To encourage interaction, clay, tar, and peat can be found only in the center of the map, which resides in the middle of the Hunt of the Ancients zone.


Mixed forests (instead of clumped tree types) and scenic snowcap mountaintops make the map one of my favorites. Earn bounties by killing mobs, create and protect your village! 

Come join in the fun. New friends and friendly rivals are welcome!


Map: Map Link
More Information: Additional Details


Hope to see you there!

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