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Hello everyone, 


Lions Gate I 11 Xanadu is looking for more Knights(recruits) to join the cause! If you need a place to stay or just want to have more people in local and have your own plot on deed to do whatever you want to do come on over! plenty of room :) If you are clean and tidy and pick up after yourself you are welcome! respect other players and their property and work together  civil like and you will grow! Plus, with my page on merchant ads i tend to get a lot of jobs that need to be done so if you would like to join in on the action as well thats another way to earn income in game to pay for whatever youre wanting to get :) Anyways just shoot me a pm here or post on this ad and tell me a bit about yourself!


What do you like to do on wurm?

What are your top 3 skills and level?

What is your goal here?

Do you have friends that would be interested in joining as well?

How long have you played?

Are you a people person or like to do your own thing and talk in your own time?

How can we help each other? :)

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