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Dear Wurmians of Wurm,

I have taken the action of banning a player due to a repeated, ongoing history of harassment of Wurm staff.

Platyna has been removed from in-game as well as the forums pending a full review of her behavior towards staff and other players.

We do not take these bans lightly, and spend a considerable amount of time attempting to provide feedback and warnings regarding repeated harassment and accusations at staff and developers.

I made several attempts to provide feedback both for and against this person's arguments.  Eventually, as Platyna's actions became increasingly worse I provided Platyna with several recommendations about their behavior and the way she was treating others.

It has become obviously clear over the last few months that Platyna either cannot or will not listen, I made the decision to remove this player from the game in order to maintain a healthy community.

I will always endeavor to provide fair, balanced moderation, and our moderation leads are always willing to respond to escalated cases. There is no excuse for failure to abide by the game rules and instructions from moderation staff.  Even if our system of moderation is not pristine and perfect, we have always provided avenues of approach to help with any complaints and issues raised.  99.9% of the time we come to a beneficial understanding.... then there is Platyna....   Platyna always maintained a moderate, calm, and civil discourse with me as Head Game Master, but she did not extend that courtesy to anyone else it would seem.  I will not stand idly by and let anyone tear down others!  Not the Wurm team, and not our members here at Wurm Online!  No one should face the kind of harassment that was being thrown around by Platyna on an ever increasing basis!


As I said, this ban is still pending review, but as Platyna is already at work spreading misinformation I decided to make a public post stating the situation.


Anytime there were questions regarding our decision there were avenues to discuss them with us. 

The avenues of escalation are as follows:
Forum: Pandalet
In-game: Astarte
Discord: Capi

Please reach out to them if you ever have any issues with moderation, and we will work with you.

Enki (Head Game Master)

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