Rare Armor not showing

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Somehow my rare Studded leather jacket no longer shine on me while wearing it but it used to at some point.  I have everything enabled in my settings including use normal mapping. 

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I did more testing on this...someone had suggested yesterday that I trade my armor with Deval and have him try it and his screen as well as mine does not show it glowing rare so it's not my pc the issue it's the game itself...(I restarted the game a few times yesterday and restarted my pc as well and since Deval was not on deed I couldn't test to see if it was the PC or the game.)  

Someone had suggested to drop it on the ground make sure it glows which it obviously did...and to ensure it IS rare
[09:13:25] A fine leather jacket strengthened with metal studs. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with some leather.

Hope this helps...

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