Rift Separation of Cadence/Melody

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So, the people in charge have made it very clear they will NOT be fixing this current overlap of rifts that was not caused naturally. This means it falls onto us, the community, to work together and fix it. 


I've seen too many posts about "It'll happen eventually just give it a year" and it could literally be next week if we really wanted. 


Lets do the Cadence rift on time and then give Melody one day, so we have Cadence on the 16th, Melody the 17th, and Harmony the 18th. We just need some people on Melody to put up signs around the rift location stating to wait until the 15th and maybe some alts in local on the 14th telling people not to finish the rift. If it doesn't work then nothing changes, but at least we tried


If we really do come together to fix this problem immediately then we could also push Melody to the 20th so that the rifts are separated by 2 days and after Harmony we aren't waiting another 7 days.


The ~150 player Cadence rift and ~15 player Melody rift took the same amount of time, but with everyone on the Cadence rift being able to score WAY MORE rewards. #1 on Cadence had 821 points, and #1 on Melody got 244. The only argument I see for the overlap is that the ~15 player rift had a lot less lag, but I don't think that's a good argument for the ~150 people to miss out and for the ~15 to gain less rewards when it took the same amount of time. Also, one would hope the devs might look into having the servers run smoother during these rifts. 


Please spread the word, and try to make this work.

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Its fixed aint it ?

To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours

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2021-01-14 07:59 PM2021-01-16 07:59 PM> 2 Days


As you can see niarja is saying its going to open tonight since it spawned the time it was closed..

Are they going to hold it off for 12 hours ?

Things like that never work out for Gm/Devs ...


Should i head to it incase it dosent pan out or wait till Sunday morning ?

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