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Stanlee's Vynorium Emporium - Enchants from the ONLY 100 Channeler who can still cast!

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uQ1bIgL.pngStanlee's Vynorium EmporiumCrYSXXD.png

& The 100 Channeling Celebration Sale

Custom enchants for your favourite gear



tl;dr: WoA or CoC prices, assuming I can dispel:
80+ = 45c
90+ = 65c
95+ = 1s
100+ = 1s90c
I'm only ever Stanlee ingame. No alts.

The 100 Channeling Celebration Sale: 20% off of CoC/WoA when you get a FREE Stan-made tool!



The spells:
The Vynora spell list boasts a great many useful enchants. When an enchantment is "conflicting," I cannot enchant it on an item that already has a conflicting enchantment without dispelling the conflict. These spells are, as far as I can tell, listed in Dispel Order, which is a concept explained in the next section.
The main spells are:
Nimbleness (Nim) - This enchant makes it easier for your weapons to hit. Conflicts with Wind of Ages.
Wind of Ages (WoA) - This enchant makes actions faster, while keeping skillgain/hour stable (in theory. In practice, the WoA accelerates your journey towards tempering, switching to another mining vein, or any other low-gain action, causing a net loss in skillgain/hour). Fantastic for making castles from assorted rocks at high speeds! Even lets weapons swing faster. Conflicts with Nimbleness and Blessings of the Dark.
Frostbrand (FB) - Causes your weapon to do an extra, smaller, wound as frost damage. Conflicts with Life Transfer, Flaming Aura, Bloodthirst, Rotting Touch and Venom.
Aura of Shared Pain (AoSP) - Reflects a portion of damage you take to the attacker. So long as they hit that specific bit of armour. Conflicts with Web Armour.
Lurker in the Deep (LITDe) - Lets a pendulum locate special fishing spots, and even gives it a chance to say what special fish is at those spots. Conflicts with all other Lurkers.
Circle of Cunning (CoC) - This is usually the big ticket item. For every 1 power of the cast, skillgain (not characteristics) is improved by 1% (multiplicative). This means at 100 power, it's almost like having sleep bonus active again! Conflicts with Blessings of the Dark.
Mind Stealer (MS) - "Killing a non-player creature with a weapon enchanted with Mind stealer may transfer skill points to the player. When a creature is killed, the game chooses a random skill or characteristic the creature has, and if the creature has more points in that skill than the player does, the player gains points in that skill. The amount of skill gained by the player depends on how much more skill the creature has compared to the player, and the power level of the Mind stealer enchantment." This spell has no conflicts.



The power and its price:
When I'm able to dispel a cast, I'm able to use less ropes by using a method known as Dispel Casting - basically, existing enchants make it harder to improve a cast (though having no enchant at all is just as hard as a 100 cast).

Why would you be unable to dispel? Well, when you examine an item, the spells, runes, and imbues display in a particular order. For instance, WoA is always before CoC. So if you have a 109 WoA you don't want dispelled, and you want CoC, I can't utilize Dispel Casting to my advantage.

Anyway, here's the PRICES:



So if I can't dispel (due to an imbue, rune, cast sooner in Dispel Order, or shatter protection you wish to preserve) yet you still want a high cast, the price must reflect that. Since if I did operate at usual prices without Dispel Casting, I'd be operating at a loss.

So here's the prices if you still want those high casts, but you require that I don't use dispel:





The shatters:
Unfortunately, shatters are almost unavoidable. While there's a chance that your casts will go well over what you pay for (hooray!), there's also the chance the item will simply blow up (boo!). While Metallic Liquids from rifts can prevent this fully, it also means I cannot dispel CoC or Mind Stealer. And while Seryll may also avoid it, who wants to use Seryll items? Barring these methods, a shatter is rolled on every cast; so the higher the enchant I aim for, the most casts I have to do, the more likely it is to shatter. Improving the QL helps, but this is extremely minimal past QL70. There's also a rune that can reduce the chance, but this turns a 1% into a 0.9%. Here's some numbers.
I have no policy for replacing items that shatter. If reasonable, I may offer non-rare variants of items at the QL given, but I also completely understand finding a different caster if something you love shatters.




*The 100 Channeling Celebration Sale*:

To celebrate me reaching 100 Channeling I am offering 20% off of all CoC and WoA enchants, but only if you're getting an item/resource that I am able to provide! This includes things like:

  • Steel Skillers
  • Oak Skillers
  • Iron Skillers you'll imp up the moment you have it anyway
  • High QL Rock Shards

And more things that I can shatter freely with no consequence! So it does not include things with existing enchants, runes, rarity, signatures beyond my own.

"But Stan, isn't this identical to your last sale"


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I'd use Stanlee any day for my enchants.  In fact, I already have - he's the best and hardly ever returns tools smelling suspiciously of strawberry.

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I have used Stanlee and he did a great job. I will be using him again!

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I can also highly recommend Stanlee's services! Very fast and top notch casting skills.

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I used Stanlee to enchant my supreme pickaxe. Service was quick, better than anticipated. A++


Stanlee answered questions patiently, and with reasonable detail while not pushing for anything.


Would use again.


(Edit for more detail)



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Added more detail

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