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Lavender's Spring Stables and More!

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Lavender's Spring Stables and More!

(less then 10min CoD)


Archaeology Wood items




Shafts: 2s/ea

-blueberry x1

grape x1

thorn x3

lingonberry x2

raspberry x1



Shafts: 1.5s/ea


-hazelnut x1

-oleander x2

-rose x3

-lavender x1


Tenons 20c/ea:

-blueberry x 1

-grape x2

-thorn x3

-lingonberry x1

-raspberry x1



Tenons 15c/ea:

-camellia x0

-hazelnut x1

-oleander x2

-rose x2

-lavender x1



Pegs 20c/ea:

-camellia x1 

-hazelnut x0

-oleander  x2

-rose x0

-lavender x2



Pegs 25c/ea:

-blueberry x0

-grapewood x5

-thorn x2

-lingonberrywood x3

-raspberrywood x0




Rune items are on the merchant on the dock for everyone to see!


Auction up now for a nice Iron Pickaxe with a rune that glows!


WTA Pickaxe 67ql with Rune - Auctions (NFI) - Wurm Online Forum


New Self-Service Horse pens now available! Will be quickly replaced when sold. Or you can ask to see the main pen with all available.

At this time I have many 3 speeds for sale and a few 2 speeds, also many hell horses.



Lavender's Spring Location:  15/16S






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