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GBC motel and puplic crafting area(attention new players)

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The thoughest time in Wurm is no doubt the first days, so we decided to build a open free motel and a puplic crafting area,

Living near Esert we have met some new players that seems kinda lost and confused, so we have decided to build a place for new players to stay the first couple of days to get started.


As guest at our motel new players will be offered:

- Help get started.

- free place to sleep(crucial to build up sleep bonus that gives double skill gain)

- Puplic crafting area.

- Safe place to gather some ressources and craft/build stuff that is handy to have at the start.


Time to move on?

We will offer all new player to help find their home and transportation of their stuff, no matter if they decide to stay on Exo or move to another server.


Motel is open for everyone to stay the night if they are out traveling.



J12 on the ingame map, less then 2min walk West from Esert. Follow the highway and you will walk through the deed.





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