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Aesarius 1x 2x RP-PVP custom kingdoms survival

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Aesarius, a very small humble world, for eons has closely guarded a great secret. This secret was passed from king to king through the eras. Each king vowed to protect the secret knowing that if it were ever found out, the world would be altered forever. The fourth era was ruled by Hardwin son of Adlard the Mighty. His careful watch during the time of the dark wars earned him the title Hardwin the Vigilant.

Although there were occasional whispers, no one from outside Aesarius ever proved the existence of the secret. Through 4 eras, the kings managed to maintain peace and the world was one great kingdom. But Azohra with her ability to sense and locate power listened to the whispers. Through veiled channels she hired the Ebony Wolf Band to search out the secret.

She was not disappointed. They discovered gemstones with the power to stave off death and protect warriors from the impacts of death if they were to die. Although these gems were rare, they provided significant advantage in battles.

Throughout the dark wars, the Black Wolf Band never chose a side. They were available to hire for both sides. When Azorha sent her best generals and wizards to Aesarius, some of the Black Wolf Band went back on their contract and made it back to Aesarius in time to warn the king.

Hardwin the Vigilant sent word to the high priests to call for help from the light gods and began preparing to stand against the intruders. The battle, known as The Withering, was fought mostly with magic. As the wizards and priests used up their own powers, they began to call on the earth for more. Deserts started to form. The battle ended when the entire world was so devoid of life that no one could survive it. Many of the priests and wizards were able to retreat to other worlds to save their own lives. Aesarius fell only a few months before The Last Battle.

With the king was always a small band of his soldiers known as the Sanguine Sentry because of their fierce devotion to the king and their belief that they could protect him even in the most hopeless situations. When he fell in the second wave of The Withering, they took him to Grentia the world of healing. He survived and has been watching over Aesarius from a distance. While most of his resources are gone, he has slowly built his small band of soldiers for the day when Aesarius is whole once again.

The Ebony Wolf Band has also been watching Aesarius from a distance. A few of the members still remember the gems they found and are waiting for the time when they can try to harvest them and sell them for profit or use them.

As time has passed, the world has slowly regained it’s strength, and seems to be habitable once again. Both of the organizations have sent individuals and teams to survey the world, discover if it truly is habitable again, and determine if it still produces the gemstones.

What part do you play? Are you part of the Sanguine Sentry? Are you hired by the Ebony Wolf Band? Are you unaffiliated but you’ve heard the world is habitable again?

Server Stats

Sister Server to Vrystoria - someday they will link

RP-PVP - Custom Factions (kingdoms) to enhance roleplay.
1x skill gain
2x action timers
Custom Map
Size = 4048x4048
60,000 mobs
95% aggressive
Deed Start up cost -enabled
Deed upkeep - enabled
Skills start at 1
Characteristics start at 19.5
Starter gear is a tent and a compass.

Priest restrictions active
All deities can be followed across all kingdoms.
Max Faith 150
Faith gains scaled
Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting

Taxes - will go up if you are offline for more than three weeks
Bounty on Burn- Burn corpses instead of bury, Earn coin and Karma
No Crop Decay - Crops that are grown will not wither
Treasure Maps
Survival Mod

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