WTB Cotton 90ql + also looking for few other minor things

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Hi every one! 

Long time no see, I know... Lets leave that, and focus on post


I require the following:

All of it crated in large cedarwood crates. 

-1k Cotton, ql above 90

-1k clay, ql above 60

-1k Sand, ql above 60

-1k Planks, ql above 70, can be mixed type, with at least 150 cedar planks

-1k wemp, ql above 70

-1k barley, rye(50/50)


Also looking for additional Large Crates made of cedar. Ql irrelevant. 


PM me asap. The deal goes to fastest, not the cheapest. Stay safe and see you soon in Wurm. 



Solitary Reminescence

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Are you still looking for large cedar crates?

If so, please let me know how many you are looking for and price.


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