2020-12-08 Golden Valley Outage

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Today we suffered an outage of our login server Golden Valley during a maintenance restart of all servers. The host became unreachable and an investigation into the issue began immediately. It took roughly an hour and a half to discover the issue and another thirty minutes for our old hosting provider to address the issue. The issue has been resolved completely going forward and there was no data loss. This issue was unique in that it was an accounting error, not a technical one.


We are still working on migrating Golden Valley to our new provider. As mentioned before, this is a complicated migration due to the shop existing next to the login server. That creates a few moving parts that need to work, and we lack a proper way to test the environment together as the test servers are not designed to work with an attached shop.


We hope to have an update on this migration process soon.


Thank you all for your patience.

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thank you for explaining what happened I personally enjoy when  you do. Also appreciate the warning that things might potentially be rough with the eventual migration of golden valley due to the shop.  Accounting error :D I hope those are easier to fix then chasing a bug in the code.

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