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Bellevue Sanctuary Market [Self-Service] [Horses] [Cadence, G24]

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Bellevue Horse Market is located in G24 on Cadence in the Northern part of the deed Bellevue Sanctuary


The horse market is self-service. Each pen is locked and labeled with the corresponding key being sold on the merchant nearby. You only need to buy the key to the specific pen in order to access the horse.

You can drop the key(s) in the bucket placed by the stalls or the small barrel by the docks after you no longer need it. Our horses will never have any Negative Traits. The ages will vary between Foal stage to Mature.


You will need creature cages to transport horses across server borders. You can unload your creature cages at the end of the slate brick dock. The perimeter starts with the slate brick paving and the two horse statues on the dock.

We cannot accommodate delivery at this time (unless you are very close to G24 on Cadence).


** Bellevue Sanctuary is connected to the Highway system now! **


Any questions or issues please contact (in-game) Foira or Lilybel


** The dock area and other wings of our market are still under construction, so excuse the mess : ) **



Merchant Seller : Duncan Idaho


1st Wing (Right of entrance, North on compass) 

Pens # 01 - 16


Restocking . . .







  • It has fleeter movement than normal 
  • It has lightning movement 
  • It has very strong leg muscles 
  • It has a strong body
  • It can carry more than average
  • Ebony Black Horses and Molten Hell Horses have a +2.5% passive speed bonus.







  • It looks unusually strong and healthy
  • It has a certain spark in its eyes
  • It is a tough bugger
  • It will fight fiercely
  • It has keen senses



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Added a new single named Black 2-Speed foal, "Ballet" Now sold

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Added single name 4-speed brown horse, Bouncer! Added many rare colors.

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