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Find a village Menu to help newer players find deeds to join

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I was just on the steam wurm forums and saw that some new players did not know where they could find villages to join.


My suggestions are: 


1: most simple idea - Include a link to these forums from the steam forums. Then people can find the village recruitment section for their server. 


2: In game deed advertising through a new menu box called "find a community" or something like that. With its own icon next to the char, inventory, settings....etc


This menu box could look something like this:  




It could be around the size of the crafting window. 

Deed names would be on one side and information about that deed would be on the other side. 


People can click on a deeds name and the info on the other side would change to that deeds info.

If a player wants to join a village, they can click on the "Join Village" button and then they will get a message saying that they have been put on the list of people to be accepted into the village.

If you are already in a village then you can't join a village with the join button. 

If it is tried then show a message saying "You must quit your current village before joining a new one". Something like that. 


The menu would only show deeds from your server.


How to put your deed on the recruitment menu:


The way to get your village on the recruitment menu is:  


1: You must be a mayor or the mayor must of given you permission to advertise for the village (A deed permission) 


2: From the token or a recruitment board, a new menu would pop up. 


This menu would have the option to submit your deed to the recruitment menu.

You can then enter in your information about your deed. (Best to have a character min limit too, like 250 characters or 500 characters.)  Just so that people get a good idea of your deed. 

Once done, click on submit.   The deed name and details will appear in the "find a community box.". 


I would suggest a waiting time when submitting the recruitment advert.  Max of 24 hours.  In case of server overload or issues. Etc.

There would also be an option to remove the advert from the recruitment board as well.

Again, a time limit. Like changing bank location

Also, if a deed disbands, the advert would get auto removed from the board. 


Inactive deeds on the list:


To make sure that the board does not get filled up with inactive deeds.

The board could have a time limit for how long it keeps a listing. 

I would say that people should get 1 month of advertising before their listing is removed. 

This could be annoying though to keep on inputting advertising info every month.

In which case, maybe the server could keep track of if the mayor has signed in and when.  If the mayor does not sign in for 1 month then remove the advert. 


I think inactivity might be a problem but if you have any ideas of how else you could fix that, then please let me know. 

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