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High Grade CoC/WoA Enchants,90QL WS/BS/Carp Imps

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Richard's Halfway Inn is offering an all included Trading Variety. Send a tell to KarlFranz in-game or make a reply to this thread to order any of the following services.
*Update* Parts of the store will be added back slowly.  For now the header will say whether or not a service is currently offered.  Thank you for your understanding.

We offer the following services;

Top tier Vynora Enchants

90 Weaponsmithing

90 Blacksmithing

90 Mining

90 Woodcutting

90 Carpentry

90 Farming

80 Masonry

80 Fine Carp

70 Pottery


Services soon offered;
Fo services including high LT, Genesis, and Humid Drizzle.

Priest Favor


Cloth Tailoring



Benediction Vynora Priest


[15:06:00] Congratulations, you fully completed Benediction and earned the reward: Divine Title, +5 Power to Spell Casts & 5hr Sleep Bonus


We offer custom Benediction Vynora priest enchants. Our priest is 96.9 Channeling with Benediction complete and maximum faith bonus. 

  • 70+    Power 60 copper
  • 80+    Power 1.2 Silver
  • 90+    Power 2.4 Silver
  • 100+  Power 6.5 Silver


Shatter Chance:  Under ~0.07%

You pay the price for the minimum cast you're looking for, even if the cast lands in a higher bracket. If you want 70 and it gets an 80 cast, you still pay 60 copper.


Pre-casted Prices (Doesn't include weapons)

  • 70+   Power  - 33c
  • 80+   Power  - 66c
  • 90+   Power  - 1.8 Silver
  • 100+ Power  - 5s Silver



Our Skiller Selection (In process of being refilled)







Pickaxe Heads:



Rake Blades:





Small Anvils:




All items can be sent COD. Items can be improved before being sent if applicable.

Master Chef Affinity Pizza (NOT IN SERVICE AND NOT UPDATED)


A single bite of one of our deluxe affinity pizzas will give over 15 hours of affinity and fill CCFP bars in just one bite. We offer pizza in 2kg portions. You can select if you want a random affinity or a targeted affinity.

  • Random affinity: 50 copper per 2kg portion.
  • Targeted affinity: 1 silver per 2kg portion.

In order to target the affinity, I will need to know the affinity roll of the character in question. This can be done in one of two simple ways:

  • Frying a horse meat (horse meat + oven + frying pan) and telling me the affinity.
  • Butcher knife on a potato -> raw fries and tell me the affinity the raw fries gives you.

We can also COD a taste test meat for 1 iron if you'd prefer the convenience. Once the taste test is complete, it will never have to be performed again for future orders.




Temporary Hiatus: I'm currently strapped for time and unable to cook as much as I used to. As a result, I'm not very active in cooking new affinity pizzas. I will, however, continue to sell slices of the pizzas I do have. 75 of 138 affinities are covered at the time of writing this, so there's about 50/50 chance I already have the affinity you're looking for in stock.




We offer weapon smith services up to 90QL. This includes carving knives, butcher knives, sickles, scythes, and all other forms of weapons.

  • Iron:
    • Iron 70QL: .5 silver
    • Iron 80QL: 1 silver
    • Iron 90QL: 3 silver
  • Silver:
    • Silver 70QL: 75 Copper
    • Silver 80QL: 1.5 silver
    • Silver 90QL: 4 silver
  • Improvement: Negotiable

Halberds must be picked up from our deed at Harmony L15. Long spears are currently not available.


Master Blacksmith


We offer blacksmithing services up to 90QL. This includes hammers, pickaxes, hatchets, awls, horse shoes, lanterns, and all other forms of blacksmithing items. We do not charge extra for large anvils.

  • 70QL: 35 copper
  • 80QL: 65 copper
  • 90QL: 1 Silver 50 Copper
  • Improvement: Negotiable




We offer masonry services up to 80QL.

  • 70QL Ovens & Forges: 1 silver
  • 80QL Ovens & Forges: 3 silver
  • 70QL Smelter: 4 silver
  • 80QL Smelter: 6 silver
  • Improvement: Negotiable (~1-3 silver)

Large items such as forges, ovens, and smelters must be picked up on deed at Harmony L15. If you want a pre-existing item improved, such as a rare or supreme forge/oven, then it must be brought to the deed at Harmony L15 for improvement.




We offer carpentry & fine carpentry services up to 80QL. This includes rope tools, spindles, mallets, and similar. Tools can be made from any wood type requested, and will default to oak if none is specified.

  • 70QL Tools: 80 copper
  • 80QL Tools: 2 silver




We offer ore up to 90QL. This can be purchased two ways - pickup through large crates at Harmony L15 or COD with 64x lumps.

  • Iron:
    • 80QL Iron: 1 silver 25 copper for 64kg lump COD, 5 silver for 300x in large crate pickup.
    • 90QL Iron: 3 silver for 64kg lump COD, 12 silver for 300x in large crate pickup.
  • Tin:
    • 80QL Tin: 2 silver for 64kg lump COD, 8 silver for 300x in large crate pickup.
    • 90QL Tin: 4 silver for 64kg lump COD, 16 silver for 300x in large crate pickup.
  • Gold:
    • 80QL Gold: 3 silver for 6.4kg lump COD, 12 silver for 300x in large crate pickup.
    • 90QL Gold: 6 silver for 6.4kg lump COD, 24 silver for 300x in large crate pickup.
  • Silver:
    • 80QL Silver: 3 silver for 6.4kg lump COD, 12 silver for 300x in large crate pickup.
    • 90QL Silver: 6 silver for 6.4kg lump COD, 24 silver for 300x in large crate pickup.







Improvement Services: We're willing to offer a discount on improvement services for items already over 60QL. Send a message and we can work something out.


Send a tell to KarlFranz in-game or post an order here. We're open to negotiation on all our offerings.

Edited by KarlFranz
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90ql Large Anvil

1x 64kg Lump of 80ql Iron Ore


COD to Itkovian please, thank you!

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On 11/29/2020 at 4:02 PM, KarlFranz said:

70+   Power  - 1.2 Silver

Could you send a rake blade coc75 to Cevan please ?


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Karlfranz carries on the extraordinary service I always received from Sindusk. Thanks for the amazing Large Anvil mate.

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I'll take the 88coc file blade for 2s. COD to Zarmazarmanex.

Edited by ZarmaZarma

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Can you send the file c77 and mallet c72  for 1s each

to CistaCista, thanks.

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