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​​​​​​​[Please close - auction ended] WTA RARE Statue of Drake - Archaeology - Ready to Complete!

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Rare Archaeology Statue of Drake




1 rare Drake fragment + 126 plain drake fragments ready to complete!

(Activate the rare fragment when combining with the plain fragments to transfer the rarity to your final Drake statue.)


Make a magnificent statue to grace any deed!

Your rare statue will be in a random metal and will glow when finished - I will provide instructions!


A beautiful and fearsome Drake statue! - see below!


Video of rare drake in lead courtesy of Slowmo




(Screenshot from Wurmpedia / MrJonnyboy)


Make it your own!


Fragments will be combined (apart from the final piece) and mailed COD to the winner (included free) or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance


All the parts you need to create your rare drake -

Have fun!


Start Bid: 10s

Buyout: 20s

 Sniper Protection - 1 hour (last hour bids will extend the finish time of the auction by 1 hour after the last bid)

Increment: Whatever!

No Reserve


Auction ended with buyout


Please keep auction comments for bids only -

Feel free to pm me with any questions!  :) 


Good Luck!

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​​​​​​​[Please close - auction ended]

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Congratulations Nordlys :) 


[Please close - auction ended]

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