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WTS Deed "Wierdland Island" on P19 Harmony (SOLD)

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Hello guys...its very sad to say, but I need to sell my island on P19 on Harmony, left side...just in front of Moenia.


It was a decision I made, my wife is pregnant and I need to move on, maybe some smaller place, will see... :)


I will post a few pics I took and tell the secrets of this beloved place.




1. Deck and Kitchen: Since im a cooker, this whole building its a 2x8 dedicated to Cooking. I also have a few tiles of a Deck with some marsh on it, so you can sail right away...

Behind you can also see the Pottery House, where I have my bed and other personal stuff. Unfortunetly the furniture and cooking utensils will come with me :)






2. Plantation Plot: Well, we have around 220 tiles of plantations here, its where all those 80ql veggies come from. The whole Island is surrounded by big Maple Trees, they are lovely and produce a shadow very confy. You can almost feel the fresh air...

The whole island is surrounded by a Iron Fence also, just for aesthetics purposes together with the Maples.




3. Pens: Matching with the rest of the deed, I have all those beautifull pens to confortably host my animals :) Its 19 - 2x2 pens all planted with Corn to feed the Hellies and the Baby Horses I have now. Of course, I will have to get the animals with me, but I will let a couple of dogs I have here for protection ;)





4. Church and Clay Spots: We are blessed by Libila here and we dedicated an effort to build her a small Church, my very first masonry building. Behind the church there is the PVP portal! We are also blessed by having 4 spots of clay nearby and perfectly flat with the rest of the terrain. One of them I made a small pen for my bigs (Bacon plantation) and a small parking lot for my carts

* You can also see the Lights that drive you right through the plantation plot to the kitchen :)




5. Entrance: This is the very beggining of the Island. It was wierd at first, because it was a 5x5 land in the middle of nowhere like a small island. And now look at all this :D


It isnt fancy, it isnt giant, it isnt difficult. Its a place for peace, for love, for cheers. A perfect spot for those who dont really want to work their asses off, just chill and enjoy the good part of the game :)


In number we have:


220x Plantation Tiles;

150x Lemon Trees (To actually turn some tiles to Dirt eventually)

120x Maple Trees (Maple sap or simply their shadow and looks, which is amazing)

2x Mailboxes (casted 96 and 100)

1x PVP Portal in the back of the Church

2x Altars (not greatly improved, i didnt want to bother the neighbours with my deity)

4x Clay Spots, 3 of them perfectly flattened and 1 in the water near the marsh

1x Wild Reed plantation

10x tiles of Marsh for aesthetics

19x Pens 2x2 with Corn on them


The problems:


I dont currently have a MINE in the Island. Well, because its a flat made island lol. To the other side...the continent its like 20 tiles from the entrance and can be easily made a Mine if needed.


The Wierdland Island has 1020 tiles total (34x30), the upkeep cost is now near 2,17silver. In the coffers I have around 20silver or 270 days of upkeep.


I currently dont have an idea of a price to sell, but im happy to discuss :)


PM TOXA ingame or in the Forums and we can show you more!








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This is an absolutely gorgeous deed - anyone would be happy to own it.  I'm sorry to hear that you're moving, but congratz on the lil bundle coming in to your life :D

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Just realized this is Harmony and not Cadence.  sorry!

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Hey guys! The deed was happily sold to a very kind person for a reasonable amount. He shares the same things I like in the game...some farming and some priesting :)


Now I can try to settle the new kitchen somewhere smaller and nice!


Thanks a lot! Cya soon!


*The topic can be closed. :)

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