Oak Hill Ranch! Horses and Other Animals for sale!

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Oak Hill Ranch 

Located at N17 - West of Harmony Bay

Just a short trip up the road on the top of the bluff!

Selling Horses and More!

All Horses sold with no bad traits, other animals available on limited availability at this time. 

(Please ask about availability on Hatched Chickens, Pigs, Dogs, Bison, Sheep, Cattle, and Seals)


Please note: No delivery is available at this time, please pick up at Oak Hill Ranch. Meeting in Harmony Bay for transfer is available. 


Prices are as follows:

Horses with no traits: FREE!!

HORSES with ----

Any number Normal Traits AND/OR 1 Speed Trait = 1 Silver

2 or 3 Speed Traits = 1.5 Silver

4 or more Speed Traits = 2 Silver

Speed Traits in descriptions shown in GREEN




 Fleeter Movement - +10% speed

 Strong Body - +10kg weight limit.

 Lightning Movement  - +20% speed.

 Carry More - +20kg weight limit

 Strong Legs - +10% speed, +10kg weight limit.

Other Speed Enhancement = Ebony coloration - +2.5% speed.




Fight Fiercely -  Higher fighting skill

 Tough Bugger - Withstands more damage

Certain Spark -  Lives 50% longer

Strong and Healthy -  Higher resistance to disease

 Keen senses - Able to sense when on a water tile



Limited Availability Animals: (Please ask about availability if none are listed!)

Bison - Cattle - Sheep

2 Silver for Females/1 Silver for Males


Hatched Chickens - Pigs - Dogs - Seals

3 Silver for Females/2 Silver for Males


Current Available Animals (will be updated daily)

All ages listed in RL days



Windbouncer - Adolescent White Male - 34 days old

Coffeealex - Mature White Male - 66 days old

Thunderrain - Mature White Male - 59days old


One Trait

Warriorblood - Adolescent Black Male - 57days old - Certain Spark

Honeystark - Adolescent Gold Male - 47 days old - Keen Senses

Notchcopper - Adolescent Ebony Male - 53 days - Keen Senses

Prancerheart - Adolescent Gold Male - 32 days - Strong Body

Two Traits

Warheart - Adolescent Black Male - 41 days old - Tough Bug/Strong and Healthy

Pearleclipse - Skewbald Pinto Male - Young Foal 18 days old - Fight Fierce/Keen Senses

Aishastrong - Blood Bay Female - Adolescent 28 days old - Lightning movement/Strong and Healthy

Rosecopper - Brown Female - Young 32 days old - Tough bug/Certain Spark

Southcloud - White Female - Young Foal 18 days old - Lightning Movement/Strong and Healthy

Doggrey - Brown Male - Adolescent 41 days old - Tough Bug/Strong and Healthy

Wildgolden - Gold Male - Young Foal 19 days old - Strong Body/ Certain Spark



Three Traits

Runpie - Male Piebald Pinto - Young 35 days old 

(Tough Bug/Strong Body/Stong Leg Muscles)


Four Traits

Warriorsouth - Male Gold Buckskin - Young Foal 19 days old

(Lightning movement/Carry more/Strong and healthy/Certain spark)

Bloodmack - Male Brown - Young Foal 18 days old

(Fleeter Movement/Lighning Movement/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy)


Five or more Traits

Piecaine - White Female - Young Foal 18 days old

(Fight Fierce/Carry More/Stong Legs/Keen Sense/Certain Spark)



Edited by LynD
Price and Age updates

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