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FREE 0-1 Speed Horses - Pickup Only

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Emberwynn Harbor & Stables

Harmony G9/G10


We currently have 8 Horses and Bison on deed that we're just giving away!

There's not a Bad-Trait on the lot and many come with a single Speed Trait!


We have both Males and Females ripe for the taking.

A wide variety of colors to choose from too!
Grey, White, Brown, Gold, Black and even a few Pinto and Bloods are up for grabs!


While we do not offer Delivery on our Horses, you're welcome to come by Emberwynn Harbor and take as many from our Free-Lot as you please! There's no limit to how many you walk off Deed with!

Supplies are limited though so it's a first-come first-serve deal, there will be no reservations made, no exceptions!


You can find our Free to Walk horses located at the South-Eastern section of the deed behind a wooden fence. Feel free to come on over and have a look!

Check out our other details here:

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Still plenty of horses up for grabs! Unbranded with Lead and Unload Perms right on Deed!
Take as many as you like, we have no limit restrictions per visitor!
Currently no Bison left, or rare colors besides a few Pintos.

Get 'em while they last!

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