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Zarmazarma Blacksmithing Services (Custom and Premade!)

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For inquiries, PM me on the forum or in game at Zarmazarmanex.




Custom Made Blacksmithing Items




51ql - 25c

61ql - 40c

71ql - 75c



Ready Made Items (Discounted!)




51ql - 20c

61ql  - 35c

71ql - 60c







Price of desired quality minus the price of the current quality. Full price for anything below 40ql. Ex:

41ql = -10c (41 -> 71 ql = 65c)

51ql = -25c (51 -> 71 ql = 50c)

61ql = -40c ( 61 -> 71ql = 35c)



Current Stock (ready made items)



Hammer, 70ql x 4
Hatchet, 70ql x 4
Pickaxe, 70ql x 3

Needle, 70ql x 1
Rake, 70ql x 2
Saw, 70ql x 4
Shovel, 70ql x 3
Small Iron Anvil, 70ql x 2
Trowel, 70ql x 1



COD, takes about 30 minutes to arrive.

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