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Zuelatek's Hamlet


The Hamlet's #1 goal is a strong lively community.

Location: F24, Cadence

25 members


How we plan to achieve this.


  • Alts are not allowed! 

You may only have one unique character on the deed and it is not allowed to interact with any other alts you may have and any alts any Alliance members may have. This provides a lot more meaning to everyone's characters especially priests who's sacrifice now means something.


  • RPG elements

We've created Guild Halls that are buildings designated to a certain set of skills and we encourage our deed members to use those buildings when doing those specific skills. This way we can keep players out of their personal homes and near other players that do similar activates. We encourage a personal home to be mainly decorative, a place for personal storage, and sleep. If a deed member finds themselves invested in one particular guild we have roles that are used as titles so you can be a "Smith of Zuelatek's Hamlet" instead of a "Villager of Zuelatek's Hamlet." The permissions are still the same. We also have titles for priests as well.






We are looking for all types of players as long as your interested in community!


The deed is located at F24 on Cadence slightly north of the bay and east of the steppe. Currently about 25 members strong. If you are interested in joining add me on Discord Zuelatak#6607, join my Discord, or leave a reply.




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bump for a nice community of players!


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