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Altar on Creativ

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i play on Creative Vanilla Map and i dont see the Altar lights.
End Game Items is active and in the Logs it loaded 2 Alter but i cant see no Black and White Lights.
Has anyone a idea what this can be ?

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try changing FBO settings and see if that works. heres a quote that worked for many of us way back some time ago.



Posted April 28, 2019 (edited)

Found this on the Steam forums:


confirming what xype said, FBO disabled (compat settings are on the launcher not in game) with the modern renderer shows the WL and BL
modern with FBO enabled blocks the beams



** NOTE: If I set VBO to extension,  and leave FBO on CORE, I get both the beams and the xray (mod) even when the game is set to Modern renderer.

Edited May 28, 2019 by Brash_Endeavors

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