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Enchanted grass (Melody)

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Hey everyone! :)

I'm back on my deed, so I'll try to resume my grass enchanting service.


I'm a solo player, not having alts or anything, so I can only do one tile per day (well, per 18 hours) and I'm only willing to travel in my close area (at most five minutes sail distance from K11).


My prices are as follow:

- 1s per tile for the first four tiles

- 75c per tile for the next four tiles

- 50c per tile for the next eight tiles

- 25c per tile for any tiles beside that


If any of the tiles I cast gets stomped I'll redo them for free (in the limit of the available spare time, in the moments when I won't have any other orders).

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Apparently I undercut myself a bit with this prices because orders flow in and I'm now booked for the next three months (lol) so for the moment I'm not taking new oders.

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