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Dragon Gulf Market Animals

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Hell Horses

Westcloud nightshade male tough bugger 50c

Oakwild cinder female fleeter movement and tough bugger 50c

Cloudtom ash male strong body and strong and healthy 50c

Haltcliff shadow male carry more, fight fierce, tough bugger 50c

Fastclip envious male fleeter, lightning, tough bugger 50c

Swifthard pestilential male fleeter, fight fierce, tough bugger 50c

Copperdom envious male strong legs, keen senses 50c

5 untraited males 20c



Gallantswift gold buckskin male untraited 1s

Yasinebony gold buckskin male strong legs and strong and healthy 1s

Haltwarrior aged skewbald male strong legs 1s

Flashsad black male strong body and tough bugger 50c

Goldenwarrior gold female strong legs and tough bugger 50c

Osioeast grey male strong legs, and keen senses 50c

Fastnotch brown male lightning movement, and keen senses 50c

Ragestark brown female strong body, strong and healthy and tough bugger 50c

Walkingtess brown female lightning, certain spark 50c

Mackecker black male carry more, strong legs, and certain spark 1s

Warriorraid brown male fleeter movement, strong legs, and tough bugger 1s




Bison male lightning movement, strong body 1s

Bison male fleeter movement, strong body, strong legs 2s

Bison female untraited 1s

Bison female strong body 1s

Bison female carry more 1s

Bison female strong legs, strong body, carry more 1s



Coming soon





Some animals are grown and able to pull carts, most are still foals.

Please contact Sarya in game.

Delivery available for 1s to outer coasts

PICK UP Melody E19


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