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Porkchop Megabridge Completed!

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Post will be filled in with more information and pictures later, this is mostly an informational placeholder for me to add to, time permitting. Name will be changed later once I can settle on one I like


As of last night, I have completed the bridge connecting west and central Harmony, at approx. this location: unknown.png


The bridge is fully highwayed, and is fully connected to the mainland highway network. Efforts are also starting to come underway to link up to this location across the western landmass, bringing wagoner (and frankly horse/wagon access to western harmony). Fences are not yet up on the dirt pillars but are planned for tonight, lighting to follow later and signage. Bridge can be found on the self-serve community map, thread here, map here


Bridge stats:

Bridge Style: Flat wood center, Arched wood connectors at either end

Full length including dirt pillars: 260 tiles (1.04km)

Full length of bridge tiles only: 250 tiles (1.00km)

Longest Span: 28 tiles

Actual bridge tiles: 500

Number of bridges: 10 Total, 8 N/S Flat, 1 N/S arched, 1 E/W arched

Carpentry required for longest spans: 81

Dioptra and Range pole QL to plan: 70.05

Materials used: 11k planks, many beams, nails, ribbons, shafts, over 12k dirt

Bridge height above the water: 20 dirts (fully passable by all boats except through bridge supports)

Maximum water depth under bridge: Approx 220 dirts

Digging skill required for deepest pillars: ~65

Intersecting bridges (currently): 1, to Saviour (the island)


Big thanks to members of the Eastern-West Coast Alliance (names to come in further edit) for donating lots of dirt/sand, and helping to work on some of the bridges, as well as to everyone who has been supportive or encouraging. 


Donations of eyeballs requested and greatly appreciated for continued highway connections in the area. 


Picture taken in H12, Imperial Palace is in J12 unknown.png?width=410&height=518













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A connection between the isles that no pesky canal maker will screw up. Truly epic.

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