Harvestmoon Lagoon Recruitment - Release D 22 - Newbie & Vet Friendly - Active Community - Free Plots! - Coastal Living - Massive Deed!

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Welcome to Harvestmoon Lagoon! 


We have been running since 2012, helping new and old users find a fun and active home with a great community of players.


What we can offer you:


  • A massive area to explore and experience with 5 deeds connected together.
  • Your own Free area of land or vacant house with no strings attached.  No taxes.  No hassle.
  • An active community of helpful players across many different time zones.
  • Public Mines with Plently of Ore
  • Free Food from our Pizza Tavern
  • Forges, Weapons, Tools and Mats!
  • Alot of Farmland with Plently of Animals
  • We also have 3 Spirit Guards so monsters are a thing of the past 😉


How to Join

The Mayor of the village is called "Ultradude"  Contact him with the following command:  /tell Ultradude


Tell him you want to join the village.


Another way is to just reply to this topic and ask to join the village here instead.


Places of Interest


Pizza Tavern






Harvestmoon Temple



Trophy Lighthouse



Horse Season



Small Section of Farmland



Video Tour

Check out a mini tour of the village in video form to get more info and see more sights before coming over.



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We are always recruiting new members :) Come check us out, if you get the chance ;)

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I can see my house from here!


Seriously, though, HML is a great community.  Active players of all sorts of experience, but plenty of room for more.  Build your own house or move in to a ready-made one.

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