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Server Changing .map Files for Custom Map

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For reasons I cannot understand -- The server is changing the .map files randomly every few days. I assumed originally this was just because the game was keeping the map updated as we make and perform changes but it's not just a few megabytes here or there; Randomly our file gained 30mb of new data and set all resource tiles to 55 resources remaining. Today we can't even dig the clay that we've been gathering because now the server assumes all resources have been dug straight down to rock tiles.


I've adjusted no settings between server restarts. This just happens randomly.


I can briefly fix this by replacing these map files with the originals, but I would love to know WHY this keeps happening.

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13 minutes ago, Cuddles said:

maybe list mods you have?

it does seem like odd behaviour

No mods at all. I've specifically avoided them for reasons like this. Just using the last pre-beta build (


Just a custom map, specifically Avalon.

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