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The Rehab's cooking services

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We sell Full house pizza with lightning fast delivery time and great customer service assuring 100% satisfaction!


🍕Full CCFP pizza

🎲Random affinity, 21+ hours of affinity timer, 90+ nutrition value

  • 20 copper / 2kg portion
  • 15 copper / 2kg portion for orders of 4+ 2kg portions


Unlimited quantities


Just ingame message 

/tell Bhorissviahnn


/tell Dhoulmagus 

to order anytime you are hungry!



🎯Custom affinity pizza, 21+ hours of affinity timer, 90+ nutrition value

  • 75 copper / 2kg pizza
  • 1.25 silver / 4kg pizza
  • 1.75 silver / 6kg pizza
  • 2.25 silver / 8kg pizza
  • 2.75 silver / 10kg pizza
  • 3 silver / 12kg pizza


❗Only 30 custom pizzas per week can be cooked, so availability is limited.

As you may have noticed, a lot of people offering custom affinity pizza have stopped offering them because it's a LOT of work.

Our way to continue offering pizzas is by making sure we limit ourselves to a sane amount of demand. Thank you for your understanding.


🗓️Week periods

2021-01-30 to 2021-02-05: 24 custom pizzas available




If you ordered with us before, you only need to send ingame message

/tell Bhorissviahnn


/tell Dhoulmagus 

with the skill affinity you want and portion size.


If you are a new customer, ingame message

/tell Bhorissviahnn


/tell Dhoulmagus 

to receive a test meal in less than 6 minutes.

This will allow us to discover your secret ID and then custom cook a delicious pizza for your desired affinity skill!



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