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Plate armor(80ql) and shield smithing(50ql) Market and servies LOW PRICES

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                                                                                                                Dead don't do damage

Plate armor   - best armor for great heroes                                                  

Plate armor iron set 80 ql - 9 silver

Plate armor iron set 70 ql - 5 silver

rare 1 gauntlet 80ql - 1.5 silver (+5% damage reduction)

rare 1vambrace 80ql - 1.5 silver (+5% damage reduction)


if you need unique armor, for example, made of gold, or a separate piece of armor, we will do it for you my friend (we need only your metal for this deal)




shield (iron) 50ql  -  80 cuprum



please write to me on the forum

to trade in game, also write to these nicknames - elVito or Griffindor




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