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More suggestions (part 6)

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Weapon sets & combat fix

In diablo 2, the problem of switching between different sets of weapons was well resolved. In Wurm, something similar would also be useful, so that you can change the weapons you use with one button without having to open the inventory. A bow or shield from an unused set could be placed on the character's back instead of a backpack, then the player would have the choice of either carry more items or a quick weapon switch during combat. Changing weapons during combat by dragging them from the inventory should be removed.


Similarly with armor, the fact that I can put a plate on and start fighting, and if my opponent turns out to be too difficult in PvE, I take off my armor and run away faster than an animal is simply a stupid concept.


The fact that, for a horse, the type of characters armor is also irrelevant, the existence of 5 types of armor makes no sense other than decoration.
The heavier the armor the horse should accelerate slower and his turning radius should be greater (by the way, the fact that the cart has a smaller turning radius than the rider is also quite funny).

Maybe even the type of armor should affect the speed of the hits. The player would have the choice of better protection or more damage.


Carts and wagons should only be used for transporting items not for combat, there should be chariots designed only for combat, and you cannot transport many items on them (200-300kg should be max and mostly designed to hold different weapons).


Dog is man's best friend, or a pelt container?

More breeds of dogs, the possibility of breeding and training them. Dogs should be unique pets, unlike other animals that randomly inherit their traits, the player should have more control over the inheritance of canine traits.


Several features of dogs may be, for example, tracking, defending the player, warning about the danger. Additional item a leash on which we can lead the dog (as well as a pig that could detect truffles).


The dog could assist the player in tracking by providing additional information or increase the tracking range.

A properly trained dog should be stronger (maybe even equal to a bear).

There are various dangers that the player cannot detect, such as the collapse of a mine tunnel. A dog on a leash might hear a minute or two before the tunnel collapses and start barking.

At night, when visibility is limited, the dog could bark if a dangerous animal is within the appropriate range. The range should depend on the dog's training level. Better trained dogs should also be able to track a given species of animals, even hundreds of tiles away.

If small and fast animals were added to the game, such as hares or foxes, the dog could hunt them. The player lets the dog off the leash, and dog catches the hare and brings it back alive.

Dogs could help player with other animals, eg if we have many animals in one pen, the dog left between them "makes sure" that many animals do not occupy the same tile (building 2x1 pens is stupid).


Dog training, each dog should have its own set of stats and skills. From 1.0 to 20.0 for example.
The player could train a dog and thus increase his skill level (just like for his character, only faster).
The limitation for a dog would be a certain level, e.g. 60 points, so you can only develop 3 skills to the maximum or more than 3 at an average level.
Skills/stats could be:


senses (threat detection),

fighting (FS),

agility (attack speed and slow dog cannot catch up with the hare),

endurance (increases health),

strength (as characters body strength).


During reproduction, the new generation inherits some of their parents' traits or if the parent had a certain trait developed, his offspring can be trained very quickly in this area (bonus skill level gain).







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Whilst the idea of the dogs interests me how would it even work? We can only have one tame animal, which would render other dogs useless. It wouldn't make sense to be able to just take dogs and train them from the wild. 
I doubt we'd be allowed more tamed animals either.

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dog content - meh;

wildcat upgrades.. perma domesticating them, traits, looks, pffff +123-5-10-11 such content.. (dog model is meh)

traits override the need of certain skills or abilities or gear; 

tunnel collapses are bull####, and need to change.. rng event -> spawn dust cloud and some sound showing the event is about to happen in x minutes/hour(s) to prevent loss of skill/items


this is not diablo 2 btw


you can put accessories or armor/weapons on your toolbelt or inventory group and open that, depending on your ML you can queue at once x amount of actions if you have the inventory group or backpack as container holding the armor/weapon(s) you want to switch to..


for pve there's not much reason to quickly switch a set .. for pvp.. there's some shenanigans, which we do not talk about..


if you wonder how that works - keybind: bind e equip(in F1 console); point over something and press E

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Other way for quick equip is pullting it over the regdoll in the character window. Yes its not as neat as a quick swap option but on the other side you comlplain about to fast armor swap so yeah. One suggestion cancel the other out or not? You can also equip over rightclick in your toolbelt somthing I use in PVP to swap from my bow to my meele equip without open my inventory. Groups in Inventory help a lot to to hide stuff you don´t need a lot.

The Armor have diffrent glancechance and the pure dmg reduction sclaes with QL diffrently but reach a point were its quite minimal in diffrence so its more a weaponcounter massurment at this point (or was befor they changes to steam relaes and with excaption of cloth, don´t know if its still the same but it looks like its quite close to this).

The unequip fast to run more speeder is well a bit cheesy you right but you also have the problem of the "hurt" debuff that slows you down if you get dehorsed befor the enmy it will not help you to get safe away. On top Bardings allredy make your horse slower a reason in PVP Barding will not be used on non 5 Speed trait horses, on top you need to stay under your 100% speed wight so more Armor and equip then neccesery is allredy a no go since overburding lower your CR and slows your horse down so you suggest somthing that is allredy in game in some form.

Cart give the small hight advantage (ther is a stonger one) but no direkt CR bonus like horse and the CR bonus from hight is lower so its a advatage but a weeker on then from a horse back. Carts are also slower then horse with the same equipment overall "battlecarts" are quite weak they are good for players that dont have the BC to ride but allredy the ML to drive a cart or for hunting partys were you want to butcher a lot. But a troll can allredy be faster then a cart without equipt horses so I not fully understand about waht you talk.


The dog idea is quite nice but would need a lot of work since the current petsystem is quite awfull (somthing I shuld add to my poll waht people want to be reworked as next)

So as intersting as this suggestion is I would say not gona happen becous of not implementable in a good way sadly.


oh and /snipe Darnok from suggestion forum

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13 hours ago, Darnok said:

a leash on which we can lead the dog


Pff.  City folk.  That's what rope is for.    



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