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Temple architectural contest

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Hello folks!


I was about to build our temple in our city so I started looking at some pictures on the web about different player building to give me a general idea.

As I also didn't want to make a copy/paste of what has already been built in the past, I therefore preferred to create a contest that everyone could participate if they wanted.


So here we are, I am organizing an architectural competition to build the Temple of Vynora in the city of Dorter in Harmony located at H17/18.

There will be 2 prizes, the chosen architecture will win 5s and the second favored will be 3s. The judges will be my wife and me 😃 


Here are the few guidelines:

- This is a temple of Vynora (but all altars will be present inside for sermons)

- The main material need to be in Marble

- The space allocated is 10x19 but that should included the landscaped arrangement around the temple (no required to fill the entire 10x19)

- The main entrance need to follow the deed direction

- Need to be built with 'DeedPlanner'  and winners will need to provide the file/pastebin

- The constest will end on November 1st

- You can submit more than 1 design (You can win the both prices)


Here is what the deed look like, I fenced the allocated area:




Thank you!


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