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Sharkbury Ships

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Sharkbury Ships

shark pirate 2a.png


All our ships come with the following:

☠️   Choice of wood type for the final peg/tenon

☠️  Free delivery on Harmony, Melody, or Cadence (for purchases over 5s)

☠️  Free lead mooring anchor

☠️  Free future imping for all ship purchases at Sharkbury [Harmony K23]

☠️  Help loading/unloading of your crates & creature cages



We also have a selection of crates & cages available to purchase!





The boats below are complete to the final peg/tenon and available for purchase now:


☠️  Small Sailing Boat (Quantity: 1) 

☠️  Corbita (Quantity: 1) 

☠️  Cog (Quantity: 1)


(We aren't taking future orders at this time, only selling the boats listed above, as they are ready to go!)


💰 Prices 💰


Rowing Boat: 1 silver

Small Sailing Boat: 3 silver

Corbita: 15 silver

Cog: 25 silver

Knarr: 45 silver


Small Cedarwood Crate: 10c

Large Cedarwood Crate: 25c

Fish Keep Net: 1s (Preserves freshly caught fish on your boat)

Sleep Powder: 1.5s

Cedarwood Creature Cage: 1 silver

🦄 Creature Cage Filled With Cute Baby Unicorn Foal: 4 silver 🦄


Contact Picklelicious or Pickwicke in game to arrange delivery details.




Edited by Pickwick
Cog available

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