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The Beaumont & Kinko's Recruiting

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Unlike any experience, come and join an active community!

We are situated in n21 - with many perks!


We will not hold you down to community projects however
we will assign you to a village task to help contribute.


We have an open storage place, over 10x guards and tons of 

resources to help you along finding your path in Wurm.


Weather you are learning or just would like to hang with us on discord while

wurming then you have found the right place!


Current Alliance Size: 10 people 

We have Mayors around the lake taking part in an Alliance.


Current Villagers: 6 people

With Roads and highways linking to different settlments.


If you are interested in joining us ❤️


Message me ingame: Paratus or Steelioskontos


See you ingame!

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