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"Spring Garden" Stables

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Welcome to Spring Garden!

We guarantee no bad traits, our horses raise with love, every flower in our garden under protection of Fo priest 🌿


Message Inven (or Melifara, Vayra) in game!



Genesis (remove 1 negative trait from animal) 50c 1 cast

Humid Drizzle(remove diseases, groom and heal  animals in 4 tile radius)  50c 1 cast

StrongWall 2s



We located on sunny meadows of Cadence, near lakeshore (G13)



    Delivery:        we can offer delivery to the shore (max 5 creatures at once if you on Melody or Harmony).

                           Time of delivery depends on weather.

                           Also, you always may visit our Garden and pick up animals.


   Important!   For harnessed animals, only three speed traits matter: Lightning movement, Fleeter than normal and Strong legs.

                        You can ignore inbreeding as our animals do not have negative traits and this will not affect the offspring in any way. (But we do not favor it 🥀)


                                               🌿                                                            🌿                                                              🌿                                                           🌿


Designations:   YF - Young foal, AF - Adolescent foal                            LM - Lightning movement (+20% speed)            KS - Keen senses                                               SH - Strong and healthy (-50% disease)

                           YH - Young horse, AH - Adolescent horse                     FM - Fleeter movement (+10% speed)                SB - Strong body (+10kg)                                 TB - Tough bugger (-10% damage taken)

                           MH - Mature horse, AgH - Aged horse                           SL - Strong legs (+10% speed, +10kg)                CS - Certain sparks (+50% live)                   

                           M - Male, F - Female                                                          CM - Carry more (+20kg)                                       FF - Fight fiercely (+1 combat rating)




Black 🌺


Oakmountain F, AH (FM, SH, FF) - 70c

Briskpearl M, AH - 20c

Waltwig M, AH -20c

Ebonyrun F, YH (FF) - 20c

Haltqueen F, YH -20c



Black Silver 🌸


Fastecho M, AH (TB) - 1,5s Sold

Rocktear F, AgH -1,5s

Starkqueen F, AgH - 1,5s


Blood Bay 🌹

Sold. Breeding.


Brown 🌾


Yazmeenwild F, AH (FF) - 20c

Rockpearl M, AH - 20c

Maxmountain M, AH (CS) - 20c

Sadwind F, AH - 20c

Callrags M, YH - 20c

Ragemack M, YF - 20c

Benitadance F, AF (LM) - 70c

Windsara F, AF (SB) - 70c


Chestnut 🌷



Ebony Black 🍀



Gold 🏵️


Chaserflash F, AH (TB) - 30c

Coffehard F, AH (KS) - 30c

Goldengold F, YH (SB, SH) - 700c


Gold Buckskin 🌻


Swifted M, MH - 2,5s

Osiowest M, AH - 2,5s


Grey 🌱


Lightninsad M, AH (LM) - 70c

Bellaflesh F, YH (LM) - 70c

Hearttick F, AH (FM, SB) - 1s

Lacehalt F, YH (KS, SH, SL) - 70c


Piebald Pinto 🍃



Skewbald Pinto 💐



White 🌼


Umacopper F, AH (SB, TB) - 70c Sold

Warriorsouth M, AgH (FM, KS) - 70c

Wildiron F, AgH (FF) - 40c

Cactusgolden M, AH - 40c

Romanrock M. AH (CM) - 60c Sold



Hell Horses


Tessosio F, AF, Envious (SH, CS) -1,5s


Mother Magma + Father Ugolek

Fastgage M, AH, Ash - 1s

Jollyrain M, AH, Envious (FF, TB) -1s


Mother Lava + Father Vulkan

Jollyrock F, AgH, Envious - 1s

Lightningsahar F, MH, Ash (CM) - 1s

Silversilver M, YH Ash (FF, KS) -1s


Father Zhar

Chasererik M, AH, Envious (CM) -1s

Hopsad M, MH, Envious -1s

Vanessacloud F, YF, Envious (TB) -1s





Remember, you always may rename animals!


Sod M, Asolescent (TB) - 1s


Father Kedr

Ford M, Asolescent (SH, KS, CS) - 1,5s

Prut M, Asolescent (CS) - 1,5s

Topot M, Aged (SH, CS) - 1,5s


Mother Mantra

Kedr, M, Aged -1s

Koloss M, Aged -1s

Pure, F, Young - 1,5s

Tantra F, Asolescent - 1,5s

Valkyria F, Aged (CM, SB) -1,5s






Black lamb M, AF - 40c

Black ram, Adolescent (CS) - 45c


Edited by Inven
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Easy going service!

By the way, since you have priests, why not selling enchant services as well? Like CoC, WoA, BoTD etc?

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Our priests are not strong enough right now. Later we will provide enchant services)

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Sent a message regarding three horses


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Swifted M, MH - 2,5s

Starkqueen F, AgH - 1,5s


Ford M, Asolescent (SH, KS, CS) - 1,5s


Tantra F, Asolescent - 1,5s

Valkyria F, Aged (CM, SB) -1,5s


Are these animals still available please? and if so can we arrange a time for me to come collect :) (not tonight though)


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