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[Melody] Fort Woodscrap S18

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After 2 months of hard labor i am at the point i could start taking in villagers!

What do i offer?

* Place to call home

* Friendly neighbours and alliance

* Beeing learned the in and outs from a wurm veteran, like me and many others in the alliance
* 2x3x2 house with access to a mine, smithy and loads of farmable  areas.

What do i expect from you?
* Having a common sense of  decency

* Respect rules

* Be friendly

* be active, if  real life events occur, please notify me  for how long you think you be gone.


Located :

Few  screenshots of the area



Either pm me  here, ingame under Elwoode or respond to this thread!
hope to see and hear from you soon!

thanks for reading

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kabump , still looking for active and friendly  villagers :)

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