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Multi client for Steam on macOS

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I've recently come back to Wurm and started using Steam to play on a new server, rather than going back to my old character on Independence. I wanted to try an alt to help with a few things and was surprised to find I couldn't multi-client. After a bit of digging, I came up with a slightly tweaked version of the Windows for Steam instructions, which is basically just a slight change in where you place the steam_appid.txt file.


  1. Create a plain text file called steam_appid.txt with only the text '1179680' (minus the quotes) on your Desktop. If using TextEdit, be sure it's in plain text mode (i.e., if 'Make Plain Text' is an option in the Format menu, click it)
  2. Launch Steam
  3. Right-click the Wurm Online app and select Properties...
  4. In the Local Files tab, click Browse Local Files..., which opens a Finder window at the install location
  5. Right-click the Wurm Online program and select Show Package Contents
  6. Navigate into Contents > MacOS
  7. Move steam_appid.txt from your Desktop into the MacOS folder
  8. Right-click the Wurm Online icon in the MacOS folder and select Make Alias
  9. Move the alias to where you'd like the shortcut to be (e.g., Desktop) and rename as you'd like
  10. Launch Wurm Online using the alias shortcut, log in to a character, launch again using the alias, and log into another!



  • When launching Wurm this way, Wurm doesn't use the Steam location of the gamedata folder, and instead creates a new gamedata folder in your home folder. This means your default settings, window positions, etc are lost. So you may want to copy/paste the one you'll see after step 5 into your home folder (i.e., at the same level your Desktop, Music, etc folders sit). If anyone knows how I can tweak the above so it points to the Steam location, let me know and I'll update the above.
  • Each instance you launch will start a new Terminal console. You'll need to leave these open until you log out; if you close them, they'll close the Wurm client


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mentioned that each instances starts a new console, typo
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